Corellium • Senior Frontend Engineer

2021 → Present

I'm still working at Corellium, and while I've only been there for one year, my time has been packed full of shipping new projects and features.

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Koala • Senior UX Engineer

2020 → 2021

Joined at an exciting time, just before the company underwent a rebrand, a launch into a new market and a complete digital transformation.

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Surge • Creative Director

2018 → 2021

Co-founded growth marketing agency. Managing creative output - development, design & copywriting and video production.

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Tyro • Frontend Developer

2016 → 2020

Tyro is an ASX listed company providing business focused payment, banking and lending products. I was the owner of the website and responsible for frontend development, design & content including the launch of all digital, brand and customer marketing campaigns, projects, partnerships and initiatives.

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Redpin Design • Frontend Developer

2014 → 2016

Worked on a range of projects involving web development, design, branding, edm campaigns & competitions.

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Gunmetal Studio • Partner

2013 → 2014

Co-founded a web design and development studio. We worked with a range of clients from startups to clothing brands and even big corporate and entertainment companies.

National Geographic ChannelFXVimbraTrekaloRyzerWild Animal Encounters

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Nexba Beverages • Frontend Developer

2013 → 2013

Design and web development internship working on the Nexba eCommerce website.

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BSA Limited • Motion Designer

2012 → 2012

Contract work on a variety of projects involving motion graphics, visual effects, graphic design and web development.

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2008 → Present

Since the beginning of my career I have completed freelance work building websites and branding companies & startups. More recently the majority of this work shifted into my agency Surge.

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